Potential FTTI Trainers

Fig Tree Training Institute Foundation is happy to announce that we have been chosen by ‘Hope for the Heart Ministries’ founded by Ms June Hunt to be their FIRST International Partner for the ‘Lifeline to Hope’ Course.

Lifeline to Hope is a national and international “gold standard” 11-week lay caregiver training and certification program that utilizes content drawn from the Keys for Living Library at Hope for the Heart, alongside the 40 years of mental health and ministry experience of course designer and lead trainer, Dr. Eric Scalise, and co-facilitator Haley Scully.


This 11-week class is a unique "first of its kind" resource to train and deploy an army of caregivers—people who are able to effectively provide support, encouragement, spiritual care, and referral services on a short-term basis—connecting a life in crisis with a life in Christ!

Fig Tree Training Institute Foundation has chosen 10 Trainers to go through the Lifeline to Hope Course and become Certified Lay Biblical Counselors.

Would you prayerfully consider being a sponsor for our trainers to participate to the ‘Lifeline to Hope’ Course by Hope for the Heart Ministries?

Our goal is to raise $ 15,000 for the training and the subsequent Certification Ceremony and Conference.

For those in the USA and Canada: To find more information and/or to donate, click here.

All others can contact Ms. Caroline van Romondt (See contact information and Banking information in About Page)

Hover over each trainer to read more information about them. Thank you and God bless!


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