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About FTTI

Our Mission:

Bettering good Samaritans for effective caregiving.

Our Vision:

A community of Caregivers being attended to and nurtured through sound relevant biblical teachings so that they can in turn branch out and bring forth spiritual and emotional healing and restoration of the broken and lost.

Bettering Good Samaritans:

Good Samaritans are all who are or want to be involved in caring for and helping others in the church such as pastors, church ministry leaders, youth leaders but also in secular functions such as care takers in the health care system and other lay care givers. We are Christians with a biblical based belief system, however we offer to better all who are interested.


Our goal is to guide and train Certified Life Coaches.  Below you can see options that we can offer.

We are seeking funding for our students to participate in these courses. But there will be a cost attached to participate. If you are interested and believe you qualify, please contact us. Click here for more info.

  • Hope for the Heart Ministries - Lifeline to Hope and other Topical Video Trainings

  • International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI) -

    • Certified Associate Christian Life Coach 

    • Certified Professional Christian Life Coach

    • Certified Master Christian Life Coach

  • Light University - Mental Health Coach

We Believe:

  • We are followers of Jesus Christ

  • We have a Biblical based belief system

  • We are called to better others

  • We all need to be attended to and nurtured in order to grow and produce fruit.

  • This happens when we follow the biblical model for living in a caring community

  • Contemporary issues are solved through good understanding and application of scripture

  • The redemptive power of Jesus Christ secures lasting change and impact

Caroline van Romondt

Caroline van Romondt is a native from Curacao, born and raised. She obtained her BA in Christian Education and Youth ministries at Briercrest Bible School, and her MA in Christian Counselling from Providence Theological Seminary. She has been serving as a missionary with Global Outreach Missions Inc. here in Curacao since 1995.  She is a member of the Abundant Grace Church (Iglesia Grasia Abundante) led by Sr. Pastor Winston Sint Jago. She has given numerous training courses and workshops in churches all over Curacao, Aruba and Holland.

Caroline is still the only official Christian counselor on the ABC islands and she felt the burden in seeing so many people who struggle in dealing with contemporary issues. Many Caregivers want to help the hurting and the lost, but they are not sufficiently equipped to do so. The financial burden to do so is a hindrance for many.  Fig Tree Training Institute is a vision God has laid on her heart. She envisioned the Institute as a way to bring training to the Caregivers on the islands through professionals in the area of Christian counselling and coaching and international interns in that field of study who will in turn gain a multi-cultural experience working alongside us in training and teaching. As a tree needs to be attended to (Luke 13) and the soil needs to be amended, we want to be that venue for others.

Our Organization

Chairman:                    Caroline van Romondt, M.A. Counselor                                   

Vice-chairman:           John Candelaria,  B.Sc Small Business & Retail Management                                        

Secretary:                     Zjumira Wout, M.Sc.    Vice-president of Abstinence Education Foundation

Treasurer:                    Nihayla Eugenio-Schoop, M.Sc. Accounting Specialist / Youth leader    

Legal Advisor:              Marilva Dall, Lawyer                                                             

Biblical Advisor:          Dr. Julius Wong Loi Sing, ex-professor Moody Bible Institute, Chicago Illinois

Pastoral Care               Ed and Luisette Kraal, M.A. Saved to Serve Foundation                


Fig Tree Training Institute Foundation
Address: Socrates straat 20, CURACAO
MCB Account: 30490708

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