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Hope Together 2023 Conference

Please take time to pray about joining us this year's conference Hope Together 2023.

We all need to keep growing and to be ministered to. Fig Tree Training Institute Foundation is hosting this amazing conference for you who help others. You deserve to be ministered to and be even more efficient and equipped to help others grow as well.

Please register now! *We are limited in space. We trust you will be able to join us. If you would like to stay at the hotel during the conference please book your room stating Hope Together Conference to get a discount price. I would urge to book your room from October 18 - 22. Make it a retreat!

Please click the link HERE to know more about the conference.

*To register, please contact Caroline or Zjumira via their contact numbers.

To make a monetary donation, you can make a deposit by clicking on this LINK. Please specify toward what you want your donation to go.

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